NRG Master equipped Single Girder Overhead Crane

NRGmaster Electrification Crane Kit System

NRGmaster is a crane electrification system that supplies power to the hoist. It is a substitute to the crane festoon system. NRGmaster is for wire rope hoist cranes located indoors or outdoors(under roof). NRGmaster does not work with cranes with chain hoists, in extreme ambient temperature locations, in high dust areas, outdoors (no roof), or in hazardous sites.

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NRG Master Eliminates Dangling Cables

No Dangling Cables
No dangling festoon cables greatly reduces maintenance costs of a overhead crane because festoons can get caught, snagged, and broken on various objects.

NRG Master provides the Best Trolley End Approach

Best Trolley End Approach Dimensions
The NRGmaster uses new Spacemaster® Clearance dimensions which increases overall space usage and work efficiency.

NRG Master Flexible Power Track

Flexible Power Track
The NRGmaster's power and control cables are secured in a flexible chain that bends into a U-shape.

NRG Master Power Supply Track and Cord

Power Supply Track and Cord

  1. Drop stop dog for long service life and unsupported length
  2. Smooth and large interior for long cable life
  3. Long pins for extended service life
  4. Dirt resistant
  5. PVC plastic for interior use: 32 F - 104 F
  6. Tapered insertion point for easy and quick assembly


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NRGmaster consists of power and control cables that are enclosed in a flexible chain. The chain sits in a guide channel that is secured to the web of the bridge girder. The free end of the chain bends into a U-shape and is connected to the hoist tow arm while the other end fastens to the channel.

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