Leasing Options

A Growth Opportunity for Your Small Business

Large companies appreciate that leasing is a powerful capital investment tool. They understand that owning overhead crane equipment is less important than using it productively. Leasing is also the perfect solution for smaller businesses to provide the competitive edge needed in today's changing marketplace. Equipment financing can offer many benefits to help maximize your business growth and stability.

Benefits of Leasing an Overhead Crane:

Conserve Cash

Cash is the lifeblood of your business. Reserving your cash assets enhances your agility.
Leasing offers:

  • No down payment.
  • 100% financing including extras like shipping, installation and training.
  • No application fees.
  • Greater flexibility.

Different Lease Options Let You Design a Financing Plan Around the Needs of Your Business, Whether Your Priority Is...

  • Guaranteed ownership.
  • The flexibility to return equipment.
  • Specified purchase options.
  • A combination of options for complete control or varying monthly payments to match seasonal cash flow.
  • You can even convert a recent purchase to lease (if equipment is less than 90 days old).

Save Money on Taxes

Some lease payments are fully deductible as an operating expense. Others allow you to take depreciation and interest expense deductions. Consult your tax advisor for details. Leasing helps you to:

  • Manage your balance sheet.
  • Accelerate write-offs.

Quick Turnarounds so You Can Capitalize on Opportunities

We understand that you don't care for complicated paperwork and that you can stay one step ahead of your competition with cutting edge equipment. Our service is easy and streamlined. We offer:

  • Credit approvals in less than four hours on financing up to $50,000 with a simple one-page application. (For higher amounts, include two years' financial statements and get a response within one or two business days.)
  • Simple documents that we can explain by phone and that you can return by fax.
  • Equipment financing in less than 24 hours.

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Leasing Options Let You Think BIG

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