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Hands down, one thing that most people hold true to is that experience talks. When the budget does not necessarily meet the need for a new crane for your shop or warehouse, but the need is unquestionable because of production or safety. The option any forward thinking company will seriously consider is purchasing a crane kit and doing a self-installation. This is where our experience comes in. Most shops don’t have a crane expert to handle such a task without a lot of time and money lost in the process. The only reasonable choice is to find an expert with the experience to help get your crane kit installed in the most inexpensive way and in the shortest amount of time possible, considering capacity, function, and safety.

It sounds like a lot to have in one package, but OverheadCraneKit.com is there to meet any needs, providing top quality R&M crane kits to serve every purpose. R&M crane kits come backed with over 80 years of overhead crane experience because R&M Materials Handling Inc. has been a leader in the industry and innovation of overhead crane technology for nearly a century. So you know your R&M crane kits will be top of the line in innovation, performance, and reliability.

Coupling the quality and 80 years experience behind your R&M crane kits with the 24/7 support from our world class service staff at OverheadCraneKit.com, you can rest assured that you made the right choice and that the foundation for a positive and productive relationship has been layed to serve your needs for years to come.

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